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i just removed this bulb from my 78 Blanco (back light) and looking to replace it. From the pictures I read 6V - 3W. Cannot seem to find same specs. I can only find 12V.

Would there be an LED equivalent?



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Head on down to autozone with your bulb. They are typically map light bulbs for car interior lighting. You should be able to find a few options in different volt/watt combos. I know you can find some of this style in an LED, but I am not positive it will work all that great for you.

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Re: Light Bulb

Excellent source for LED replacements

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6 volt bulbs are hard to find and auto stores usually don’t stock them. Myrons Mopeds has the best selection I’ve seen. Just got some 6V 5Watts that should work in a 3 Watt application. A 12 volt bulb will pull more power and take it from other bulbs in the circuit. LED’s want DC electricity and most mopeds produce AC. The LED won’t last long.

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theyre called festoon bulbs which helps searching., 12v ones should work pretty similarly, especially if you match wattage, most 6v systems put out realistically over 12v at speed anyway.

The LED ones exist but tend not to last long. without a rectifier and/or battery your bike's running AC current. an LED being a light emitting DIODE acts as a resistor to reverse current thus burns out quickly in AC. sometimes they still last a while tho

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Im fairly sure you will find similar in your area, this listing may not post to you. (edited)

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