Sachs 505/1D Timing Marks Not Lining Up

Jeff Dittenber /
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Greetings Army men and women.

I recently picked up a 1982 Eagle 3 with a Sachs 505/1D motor. Beautiful bike, but has a few quirks. I'm going through everything now to get things back to stock before tweaking further, and have come across an interesting issue with the timing; the fire (M) and TDC (O) markings on the magneto flywheel don't line up at all with the reference mark on the engine case. When rotating the flywheel in the direction of engine rotation, TDC happens about 1 3/4 inches past the engine case mark (I used the screwdriver method to find the highest point of the piston in the cylinder for TDC). I even pulled the flywheel off to make sure it was set in correctly with the woodruff key, and it was. So, my temporary fix is that I placed a new mark on the engine case with a Sharpie to line up the "O" marking on the flywheel at TDC. I then set my timing from there. Everything seems to be running better after I set the timing and the points gap to this new mark. (Please see attached photo). Have any of you experienced this before? I'm wondering if this engine had been rebuilt at some point and the shaft was placed out of alignment? It just seems weird that the markings would be so far off.

Oh, also, when I pulled the flywheel off, i noticed this deposit of brown, hard lacquer in the bottom of the case. It almost looks like some kind of doping for the electrical system. I really can't tell. I also attached a pic of that. Any thoughts?

Thanks everyone!

This single post is part of a larger thread. Start from the top or view this post in context.

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