Blue wire, Tomos A55 magneto

Trying to understand what this blue wire is for. I can see that the red wire is the ignition wire, the white and black are the trigger wires and then there is the yellow and blue. Yellow I’m guessing is for the lights. What is the blue wire for? The diagrams I’m reading all show a yellow wire, but rather then blue, they show another black as the ground. Is the blue a ground wire for the lights?


Re: Blue wire, Tomos A55 magneto

Thinking there both AC power yellow goes to voltage regulator via tap to the frame for excessive voltage to run lights blue would also go to voltage regulator then to battery to trickle charge battery for bikes that have eletric start.

Re: Blue wire, Tomos A55 magneto

Adam Schulte /

Thanks Jim. Since I don’t have a battery should I just ground the blue wire or leave it alone altogether?

Re: Blue wire, Tomos A55 magneto

It could be for the ignition kill switch.

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