Ice bear Cyclone NO SPARK

We have a 2016 Icebear Cyclone trike scooter. We recently replaced the top end of the motor after the muffler broke the studs that go into the head. Anyway everything was running fine. We went shopping and tried to go home. The darn thing would not start. It wont kick either. CDI, coil, and plug have all been replaced. The engine turns over like it should. Starter motor cranks fine. But there is no spark! Anyone have any ideas besides the stator suddenly taking a crap? That's the only spark related part we haven't replaced. We can order one but hoping that a quicker solution may be possible.

Re: Ice bear Cyclone NO SPARK

Oh jeezz.....

Re: Ice bear Cyclone NO SPARK

But an Ice Bear three wheel scooter is a scooter. It's a scooter. This is not a scooter forum. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ Many (if not most) of us are unfamiliar with scooters and their newfangled technologies. Sorry!

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