QT50 removing decades old seized piston...

So I went the other way about doing this, probably not correct but I inadvertently peeled the cylinder away from the piston, much like peeling an orange by hand, standard tools, 8lb hammer, framing hammer, penetrating oil, lots of sweat and cursing enough that I think my neighbors took their kids inside for a break.

What’s the proper way to do this?

Crank seems fine to me, bore looked great, rings are fully compressed and never coming out of that piston again. I really only broke one fin off the exhaust port other than that I guess the bores ok.

Anything else I likely broke beating the holy hell from this thing? It was almost free. Not quite, well not at all but currency didn’t change hands.

Did I mention I still cant get the wrist pin out and it appears that some dark reddish brown rust colored fluid/oil something is in the crank case but I rotates well and inside the the right stator and left engine covers looks like brand new. Inside the differential looks brand new, not like it’s in good shape, like NOS brand new.

Re: QT50 removing decades old seized piston...


Re: QT50 removing decades old seized piston...

You ever been to a shop with a showcase for Hall-of-Shame stuff?

Like broken tools, weird things that come out of tires, destroyed parts,etc.

That gnarly piston could go into one of them.

If everything inside looks good and measures within tolerance, you may be good to go. But, check it first. I’d be worried about the crank that was attached to the piston while bearing beat apart.

Re: QT50 removing decades old seized piston...


Using a homemade pusher/puller and a vise I pressed the damn thing out finally. Piston pretty much exploded when I did.

I couldn’t imagine how much heat got on that piston but it didn’t have a bit of lube when she seized. That was rust and water down in the crank case. I poured it out and put two stroke fuel in the case till she was full, let it sit a minute then dumped all that crap out. Seems to spin smooth now. I may have to fire it up and see if it’ll behave. Or this might be the one to finally break down, completely refinish and have a solid motor. I don’t know.

Re: QT50 removing decades old seized piston...

You've gone this far why not just do the whole thing. I've had them feel good too, but then they howl/roar like crazy when running.

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