Recent problems with Tomos (poor acceleration, slow uphill)

Hi everybody,

I have an Tomos with an A35 engine and a Jamarcol Fuego exhaust pipe. This is my first moped and I bought it 2-3 months ago. I'm pretty much a total noob.

There are 2 issues that began at about the same time a few days ago, and I'm not sure if they're related.

One is an issue with acceleration/speed,

The second is a knocking sound that I worry could be indicative of other problems

It's become very slow to accelerate much if not most of the time, and extremely slow going up hills. Sometimes after stopping at a light I'll put it on full throttle with the engine revving very loud, but it might only be going 5-10 mph. Even when I'm at higher speeds (30+), sometimes it seems like every 10 yards or whatever it lags and then speeds back up, almost as if it's being held back by something. It doesn't seem to be going quite as fast as it did before in general (before I think top speed 40-45, now 30-35).

I was riding the other day (before I starting having these issues), and drove pretty fast (~40mph) over some bad holes/bumps in the rode and it felt like it fucked the bike up a bit (hard to describe it more specifically than that). When I got home, I was walking it back and with the engine off, and I heard a little knocking sound coming from the fork area.

Either during that ride, or the next time I rode, I started having the acceleration problems. I don't know if they're related at all.

Can anyone point me in the right direction to solving these problems? And should I avoid riding it until they're fixed?

Thanks very much,


Re: Recent problems with Tomos (poor acceleration, slow uphill)

Probably Fred /

Not timed, jetted, tuned correctly and not protected by a head temperature gauge,

Correct everything and you will blast !

Re: Recent problems with Tomos (poor acceleration, slow uphill)

if your not in a hurry to get it running perfect. Then do some research on here and get you a tomos book that has your make an model. if your in a hurry and want it back on the road likkity split. Find you a local moped shop. But whatever you do don't let just anyone tell you they will get it going for you. Make sure it's someone really qualified/familiar with mopeds. Best advice I can offer Bud. Welcome to the world of mopeds.

Re: Recent problems with Tomos (poor acceleration, slow uphill)

read up on how to inspect/change/reline your clutches, betcha u have nothing left but metal.

Re: Recent problems with Tomos (poor acceleration, slow uphill)

If you hit some rough road and now you hear weird things from your front wheel. Remove the wheel and inspect the brakes and things. A dragging brake will cause all of your issues. But I am concerned about your bike reving but not going anywhere. A dragging brake would not really make it rev higher when going slower. It would bog things down more than anything.

Re: Recent problems with Tomos (poor acceleration, slow uphill)


Thank you guys for all the advice.

Jay, to be clear, I don't think it's revving higher than it did before, but when I'm revving it all the way very loud, it sometimes will still only go at a very slow speed in the first, say, 10 seconds of acceleration.

Marky, yeah, I should get a manual. I might have someone look at it also because I might need to go on a long ride next weekend.

Thanks pat and roffman, I'll definitely have to look into all of those things.

Re: Recent problems with Tomos (poor acceleration, slow uphill)

I would still get that front wheel apart. I had recently thrown a sealed bearing on one of my wheels and it caused some serious problems with any kind of acceleration once things got warmed up. But you could not really tell anything was off about the wheel looking outside it, but I knew something was amiss.

Better to inspect and find nothing wrong than a wheel, especially front, to lock up at any speed, let alone 30+

Re: Recent problems with Tomos (poor acceleration, slow uphill)

Yeah, I'll have a look for sure. Thanks again for the help man.

Re: Recent problems with Tomos (poor acceleration, slow uphill)

that's your transmission

it sounds like 2nd isn't engaging which could be as simple as no fluid, or as complicated as a blown clutch or no friction material, both are unfortunately equally likely. That clunking sound is absolutely a transmission problem though, like it does it when starting or when getting high in RPM but still slow where it should be shifting right>

roffs suggestions are right on and very appropriate in general, but for your specific bike and problem it sounds VERY much like trans

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