Velosolex 3800 isn't starting

Edward Connor /

Hello, the bike worked when it was bought in France a several years ago, but it doesn't now. There is a spark and fuel is going into the cylinder. There are no build ups and everything has been cleaned. We cannot work out why it won't start. Does anyone know what could be done?

Re: Velosolex 3800 isn't starting

Bjarne Sorensen /

Did you remember to put the start lever all the way to the left, before trying to start it?

Have you tried to turn the flywheel by hand, to see if fuel returns to the fueltank?

And how about compression - have you checked that?

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Re: Velosolex 3800 isn't starting

fuel fresh?

Re: Velosolex 3800 isn't starting

Do you have compression?

If so, and you are sure that you have clean fuel reaching the spark plug, I would guess that your spark is not good enough.

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