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You are Right Her is what i Got from Treatland

1 of : dellorto PHBG & SHA carburetor float needle valve - SPRING LOADED

$7.99 Shipped

1 of : kinetic complete gasket set

$7.99 Shipped

1 of : OEM genuine kinetic decompression valve assembly

$7.99 Shipped

1 of : vespa piaggio olympia 43mm kit with head - 12 pin

Thanks here is the info

I purchase this moped new in 2004

It has 1600 miles on it

The Decompression was a little rusted i clean it up verify it was seated in the New head.

What timing it is a 2 stroke ?

I install a new spark plug Ngk Same number that was in it I don,have the number handy as i write this.

i verified that the piston was install right arrow to the exhaust

As far as the valve it was recommend that i buy it to keep the fuel in the cylinder to keep it from seizing up on shut down .

I did not replace the carb I did blow it out

I could not get the air filter back on it even after removing the carb.

I did not tourke the head bolts because I could not find the settings I have the tool to do it. I tighten them until i though they would brake

all nuts, bolts, washers were replaced

This unit sat for over 13 years after it seized up My son used the 4 cycle gas

I replace the gas tank. The frame was rusted inside

I replace the engine coil with on from a 50cc scooter plenty of spark after replacement.

with the choke on it starts with the first kick with the choke on i never needed the decomp

it will sit and run for 15 min at idle until i turned it off

the original plan was have a motorcycle tech to do the work he has a few of them he got back up with other work i thought what the the heck i have done these before but this one got me stomped

i have rebuild small engines including bbk on scooters for years i went that route after the this unit seized up.

I hope this gives you some back ground on this unit


This single post is part of a larger thread. Start from the top or view this post in context.

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