Kinetic TFR Start Issue

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Back at this again this moped still has the same issue that it wont run more then a few sec ih have taken this apart . i clean the carb lost count after i,am about to junk the dam thing i did the bbk ,check for any leaks, reseal every thing i see 2 screws on the right side What are the adjustments? Should i replace the float spring loaded pin ? I could not mount the air filter on this unit . my gut tells me to writer off the 400.00 I don,t want to dump any more money in this I will give up riding 2 wheels . Because of health this was my lase chance to get out. thank you in advance for help on this.


Re: Kinetic TFR Start Issue

Dirty30 Dillon /

Larry, you keep making threads about the same issue, without ever getting into what you have done.

You installed a cylinder kit: which one? did you use all the gaskets? if you replaced the head, did you lap the decomp properly? If you didn't replace the head, did you make sure the overbore isn't leaking past the head surface of the stock head?

You installed a carb: which one? what jet did you install (no, they do not come tuned for your bike, you have to do that for yourself via trial and error)? What filter did you buy that doesn't fit:

Have you:

Done a leak down test?

Made sure your timing is correct?

Made sure you have fuel flow?

Made sure you have good spark at the plug?

There are a literally a hundred questions I could have asked, but you have really been offering no info on your setup and history of the work done.

Lastly, stop worrying about the spring-loaded float needle. It doesn't matter, and you didn't need one in the first place.

Re: Kinetic TFR Start Issue

Larry Humpolick /

You are Right Her is what i Got from Treatland

1 of : dellorto PHBG & SHA carburetor float needle valve - SPRING LOADED

$7.99 Shipped

1 of : kinetic complete gasket set

$7.99 Shipped

1 of : OEM genuine kinetic decompression valve assembly

$7.99 Shipped

1 of : vespa piaggio olympia 43mm kit with head - 12 pin

Thanks here is the info

I purchase this moped new in 2004

It has 1600 miles on it

The Decompression was a little rusted i clean it up verify it was seated in the New head.

What timing it is a 2 stroke ?

I install a new spark plug Ngk Same number that was in it I don,have the number handy as i write this.

i verified that the piston was install right arrow to the exhaust

As far as the valve it was recommend that i buy it to keep the fuel in the cylinder to keep it from seizing up on shut down .

I did not replace the carb I did blow it out

I could not get the air filter back on it even after removing the carb.

I did not tourke the head bolts because I could not find the settings I have the tool to do it. I tighten them until i though they would brake

all nuts, bolts, washers were replaced

This unit sat for over 13 years after it seized up My son used the 4 cycle gas

I replace the gas tank. The frame was rusted inside

I replace the engine coil with on from a 50cc scooter plenty of spark after replacement.

with the choke on it starts with the first kick with the choke on i never needed the decomp

it will sit and run for 15 min at idle until i turned it off

the original plan was have a motorcycle tech to do the work he has a few of them he got back up with other work i thought what the the heck i have done these before but this one got me stomped

i have rebuild small engines including bbk on scooters for years i went that route after the this unit seized up.

I hope this gives you some back ground on this unit


Re: Kinetic TFR Start Issue

Are you using the aluminum base gasket?

Re: Kinetic TFR Start Issue

Confusing, so it doesn't start, or does it start with one kick? like u said.

Re: Kinetic TFR Start Issue

You need a different jet, when increasing the bore size, the jet size must go up to accommodate more fuel needed

Re: Kinetic TFR Start Issue

Larry Humpolick /

Thank you for getting back to me. I know this is a pain in the ass .

I can start it with the choke on with 1 kick no issues. the minute I open the throttle the choke comes off it will rev up then stall out. I try the same process again does the same thing.

I ran it for 15 minutes to warm it up still the same problem. What size of jet do you recommend?

Have a great day


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