Looking for upgrades for my 77 Vespa

I am looking for a good place to find some upgrades for my 1977 Vespa piaggio deluxe. Such as new cables all around, seat, crank. Also would like to get more power out of her. Did I mention I am super new to this? Already a huge fan!

Re: Looking for upgrades for my 77 Vespa

Dirty30 Dillon /



I'm guessing you have a Grande. There's a bunch of options. Basically, one of the most supported moped platforms.

Re: Looking for upgrades for my 77 Vespa

Ben Philbrick /

I have the bravo deluxe.

Re: Looking for upgrades for my 77 Vespa

Do your research on two strokes, you will be doing carb work so understand what jetting is. Run too lean and you seize your engine. Thousands of Vespa specific tubing threads here as well.

No need to replace your crank if your building a mild bike(my opinion). if it's in good condition I'd keep it, new crank won't help with speed anyway and if your not going to do a full 70cc build I don't think it's worth it. Not that a kit is much harder but a newbie doing a rebuild, kit, carb, pipe, cables, and electrics all at once is a huge mistake. Start with the basics. Aloooot of people give up when they take too much on at once.

Bearings and seals are a must at some point, but if the bike is running well, don't tear it apart until you've done some mods and have a better handle on how everything works...

Good place to start for power is a carb and expansion chamber exhaust... Best and biggest carb the stock cases will take is a dellorto Sha 13:13. That along with a chamber will get you alot more pep.

Is the bike running now. Variated or single speed?

Like Dillon said those places are the best for parts, DONT order from 1977mopeds.com, and don't order until you know everything you need or you'll end up ordering over n over....

Re: Looking for upgrades for my 77 Vespa

Dirty30 Dillon /

> Ben Philbrick Wrote:

> -------------------------------------------------------

> I have the bravo deluxe.

Cool beans.

If you are deadset on rebuilding the bottom end, it's really not that hard. While you're in there, you might as well replace the crank to future proof the motor.

If I was going to build a budget, first time Bravo build, it would be:

Olympia 43mm (cyl and head)

Top Crank

13.13 SHA

Dos Variator

Gianelli Stock+ pipe

Open intake patch and intake spigot to 13~mm while the motor is apart. Leave everything else the way it is.

This would give you a super peppy that probably tops out close to 40, if you tune it correctly.

Re: Looking for upgrades for my 77 Vespa

Ben Philbrick /

Yes the bike is running. I would like to clean it up and just have a little more power for hills and what not. I will add a picture in a little bit.

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