light coil

I need a light coil that will fit a Garelli that has an output in the 20 watt range.

Re: light coil

James Lucas /

Is there any one that has a light coil that will fit a 1976 Garelli.

Re: light coil

measure it. Probably used coild by CEV or similar, and matching maybe some other Italian bikes. CEV 6422, 6933 that came on garelli real similar to the 6922's on minarelli, or some early a3's. you cant always be sure that "garelli" stuff fits garelli even, so def measure and note the model number on the flywheel of your ignition setup.

you can also make it

you;ll wanna post in buy/sell

looks like some cross compatibility possible lookin at this one:

but note the "some garelli" comment - need to know what your ign is. check the measurements!!

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