Re: PETG 3D Printed Magnum Side Covers and Trunks + NS50 trunk lids

Deadped Ryan /
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@daniel - no worries man... I didn't think you were ragging. I know there have been issues with them splitting. The hardest thing making stuff is getting feedback. I don't know how many if any people complain to treats, but I don't usually get feedback as a manufacturer from them. I've had a very old set (2014) on my maxi, but plastics, my printer and all sorts of factors could and probably have changed since then. I also haven't made anything cool like trickmetric yet... just lame shit that isn't mechanical. Hoping to make some cool stuff now that I'm out of house renovation purgatory. Sending you a PM.

@papa_ - I don't think an *only* printed seat pan would hold up, but if you cored it with a steel dowel or pipe, or carbon fiber, I totally think it'd be viable. That's not something I would be interested in producing or distributing... maybe I can give that a go and publish the files for people to print themselves. Check out 3Dlabprint. They do printed rc airplanes that have carbon fiber stiffners in the wings of the larger models.

I'd like to post some free shit to thingiverse or my website, I just haven't found a good candidate for that yet. Seat pan would be a good one... maybe digitizing all magnum tins/covers will just be a new goal and I can publish the pan for free to print-yourself.

FWIW, I do re-invest with the proceeds from treats sales, and every single part I make gets test fit and inspected. I reject quite a bit. Printing is far from a perfect process.

What about thoughts on NS50 trunk lids? Think $40 would be fair? (edited)

This single post is part of a larger thread. Start from the top or view this post in context.

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