Trouble with lights-help needed

I just got my scorpion moped running, and on the first ride the head light pulsed on (not very brightly), and then off, and has not worked since. Clearly the bulb was ok for it to work in the first place right? Could this be due to old wiring? Burnt out bulb? I would think it is wired up correctly since it initially turned on, but looking for some insight. I don't think the brake light worked at all. I can post a video if needed

Re: Trouble with lights-help needed

Try new bulbs, can't hurt. Looks like a morini M02 motor on it. Can probably find a wiring diagram on the internet somewhere.

Re: Trouble with lights-help needed

Dirty30 Dillon /

Definitely just check the bulb. Using a 9V battery is a super easy tester setup. Or a battery charger.

Barring that, just test for continuity with a DMM.

Re: Trouble with lights-help needed

Beach Club Nick /

The bulb burned out, I guarantee it. They work until they don't, and if you watched it light up then shut off it's the bulb burning out 99% of the time

Re: Trouble with lights-help needed

Yes it's the MO2. I do have the diagram. I didn't change any of the original wiring that was on the bike when I got it, just replace a bullet connector or two.

Re: Trouble with lights-help needed

In addition, check for corrosion inside switches and sockets. Sometimes it's concealed.

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