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First: add a clutch/cam puller to your order for parts. It is the most important frustration removing tool you can have with a Moby.

Date on the vin tag is the date the design was submitted for homologation as a 'cyclomoteur' in France and not the production date. For the year you need to decode the engine serial number, or you can look on the carb bowl. If it has the original Gurtner carb it will have a date stamp.

Nothing much changes on the Mobys through the years of production of any significance unless you are restoring it to original. The electrics on a Moby leave a lot to be desired, the contacts and unions on the wiring are prone to corrosion. Easy enough to hard wire it if you are not looking to make the bike completely stock.

Search out posts on how to upgrade to a external condenser, also replace the bonding strap with one going from a intake stud to the lower external coil mount stud. Clean your points goodly, wet them at 0,40mm at index and set timing to 1,5mm BTDC.

Carby replacement if you are ditching the Gurtner (not a very forgiving carb) best suggest is a SHA15:15 and a 15mm intake, derestrict the intake where it transitions between round to rectangle inside the bore. Put a 11/16 X 13/16 X 1/16 oring between the carb and intake. Derestricting the exhause would also be a goodly plan.

Lots of goodly helps here to search out so no need to repeat unless you get stuck on something. Lots of good folks will share to you detail instructions if you do get stuck. Handsome bike by the way, I can see it is a diamond in the rough and will be excellent with a bit of work.

This single post is part of a larger thread. Start from the top or view this post in context.

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