Needed help...Motobecane Mobylette

I'm a newbie and just pick up this moped from yesterday. How can I tell the year and exactly model so I can order parts for this beauty. Not sure the seat is original long or should be single!

- Carburetor

- All cables

- Drive belt

- Rotor chain (left side)

- Sprocket (rear right side

- Gas tank side panels

- Petcock etc....

Greatly appreciated with all the helps.


Re: Needed help...Motobecane Mobylette

The year is stamped on the VIN tag and the model is 50V. The “speed rating” is also stamped on the VIN tag. It’s either gonna be 1,2 or 3, or A,B or C. These digits indicate the speed of the bike. If it says “2” or “B” it’s a 25 mph model. If it’s anything other than that, it’s either a 20 or 30 mph model. Someone else can decode the other digits. (edited)

Re: Needed help...Motobecane Mobylette

Looked like 50V & 25 miles on VIN tag. I cant find the year. I went on Treatland try to find the parts but I was lost & confused due to many items for the parts.


Re: Needed help...Motobecane Mobylette

I barely found the year of 1997. ...the cables rubbed & worn out the Vin tab.

Re: Needed help...Motobecane Mobylette

Myron's Moped website has a lot of Moby info. Doubt it is a 1997 ped, probably 1987 or 1977

Re: Needed help...Motobecane Mobylette

Here's what's important, it's a 6v 50v, with an av7 motor. Easier electrical system than the later with that one side positive ground bs.

Re: Needed help...Motobecane Mobylette

'77 or older 50v. Seat could have been a single or a different long one, that one is not stock, but it will do fine.

Re: Needed help...Motobecane Mobylette

It's a 77' (or earlier), it has the zender diode. The seat is from a later 81'+ 50v "L" model (nice seat). Be ready to rebuild the bottom end (bearings/seals) and do a lot of ignition work. Save yourself some headache by putting a Delorto (14.12 matches a stock motor well). (edited)

Re: Needed help...Motobecane Mobylette

Sorry..I checked again on hard to see VIN tag's 1977 V50 25mph. Great thanks for all your helps and suggestion.

Re: Needed help...Motobecane Mobylette

First: add a clutch/cam puller to your order for parts. It is the most important frustration removing tool you can have with a Moby.

Date on the vin tag is the date the design was submitted for homologation as a 'cyclomoteur' in France and not the production date. For the year you need to decode the engine serial number, or you can look on the carb bowl. If it has the original Gurtner carb it will have a date stamp.

Nothing much changes on the Mobys through the years of production of any significance unless you are restoring it to original. The electrics on a Moby leave a lot to be desired, the contacts and unions on the wiring are prone to corrosion. Easy enough to hard wire it if you are not looking to make the bike completely stock.

Search out posts on how to upgrade to a external condenser, also replace the bonding strap with one going from a intake stud to the lower external coil mount stud. Clean your points goodly, wet them at 0,40mm at index and set timing to 1,5mm BTDC.

Carby replacement if you are ditching the Gurtner (not a very forgiving carb) best suggest is a SHA15:15 and a 15mm intake, derestrict the intake where it transitions between round to rectangle inside the bore. Put a 11/16 X 13/16 X 1/16 oring between the carb and intake. Derestricting the exhause would also be a goodly plan.

Lots of goodly helps here to search out so no need to repeat unless you get stuck on something. Lots of good folks will share to you detail instructions if you do get stuck. Handsome bike by the way, I can see it is a diamond in the rough and will be excellent with a bit of work.

Re: Needed help...Motobecane Mobylette

Anything Treatland doesn’t have you should be able to order here:

It’s UK based, so you will wait a little longer for shipping but I ordered a full cable set and a few other odds and ends through them and they were perfect.

Re: Needed help...Motobecane Mobylette

Anyone selling 'downloadable' manuals for £2.99-£6.99 is just a crook.

In the UK you should be ordering Mobylette bits from Brian Aplin in Bristol, his dad opened their Aplins of Bristol shop in 1959 as a Raleigh/Motobecane dealer, and Brian worked there from when he was young and is still keeping the business going. He knows the bikes inside out AND has NOS bits going way back.


> Dillon Zahrt Wrote:

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> Anything Treatland doesn’t have you should be able to order here:



> It’s UK based, so you will wait a little longer for shipping but I

> ordered a full cable set and a few other odds and ends through them and

> they were perfect.

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