e50 bogging and poor idle

I recently started mods on a stock 1hp Free Spirit. I added a 50cc TCCD, 15mm bing clone, tecno circuit, and a 16t front sprocket.

It now has a tough time starting, idles rough, bogs sometimes at low speeds, and when it doesn't, it definitely bogs at high speeds (high 20s low 30s), and the acceleration is pretty shit.

The throttle cable is a bit loose where it meets the carb and at the handlebars. Besides that, any idea what I should be addressing?

Re: e50 bogging and poor idle

Richard Eberline /

timing then tune the carbs components.

Re: e50 bogging and poor idle

Vacuum leak at the intake to cylinder also I started using a o-ring in the carb to seal between the intake and carb.

Re: e50 bogging and poor idle

Probably Fred /

Start off with servicing your magneto and getting the point gap and timing right because if you don’t the jetting will never be right,

Read this completely https://www.mopedarmy.com/wiki/Puch_timing

When you get done with the magneto and timing put a real bing 217 atomizer in that clone or get a real bing,

Use around a 78 main jet, use a single embossed ring needle that has wider/leaner taper and you got to a run a performance mesh filter not stock junk air filter with restrictive resonator tube,

It should run better if you didn’t do something wrong like piston upside down, blown seal or a air leak

Re: e50 bogging and poor idle

Dan (high idle) Conway /

Listen to everything roff man just said^ he’s a true versed master on puchs

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