No spark checklist

Bike is a Cimatti Gran Prix XL w/ Minarelli v1 and CEV system

I was able to ride until about last month due to a soft seize (I think) after letting it cool off and draining the tank in order to put a proper 32:1 ratio in (I think the seize was due to me eyeballing oil amount), it would start and then die after about 10 mins of riding.

Then after 2 times of that (start then die), it wouldn't start.

I got frustrated and put it away for a while. I'm now trying to start it and I checked spark. None

I cleaned points and put a new NGK b6hs plug in. Still no spark.

So my question is, what should I check first when it comes to the wiring of the bike? The CEV key thing, taillights, something else? How can I get spark on a bike that was running great a month ago?

Re: No spark checklist

Condenser . Replace it with Bosch , the best .

Re: No spark checklist

If it's not the condenser, which it probably is, make sure the kill switch wire is okay to the switch and the kill switch isn't grounded. Then check the brake and tallight bulbs.

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Pushrod Fifty /

The brakelight circuit on any Italian.

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Sounds like a condenser to me. You can use any condeser from anything, car, truck, tractor, etc and rig it external to see if the problem goes away.

Mount the body near the coil to a metal point in the frame and hook the wire to the positive side of the coil where the red wire is.

Re: No spark checklist

Richard Eberline /

short in the taillight stop light wiring or switches

Re: No spark checklist

Think I'm gonna replace the condenser. Can someone link me to one that's gonna work with my engine? Is the little plastic piece just gonna clip onto the new one?

20200503_200338 (1).jpg

Re: No spark checklist

Ok so that's not the condenser. Gotta pull of the flywheel seems like

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Yeah, condenser is behind the flywheel. You can still hook up an external one without removing the old one to see if that's your problem. Takes ten minutes.

Treatland has them.

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I want to try and replace the internal one. Not sure what to get as a replacement that's gonna work.

Is this what I'm looking for?

Re: No spark checklist

> Jamie R Wrote:

> -------------------------------------------------------

> I want to try and replace the internal one. Not sure what to get as a

> replacement that's gonna work.




> Is this what I'm looking for?

Good you want to replace , rater than add . You really should mount the condenser outside the magneto to help it stay cooler and last a longer . Pull the old condenser out of the system .

Here's one at Advance Auto :

You can trim any excess lead to suit the location you choose . Preferably the base of the HT coil ... (edited)

Re: No spark checklist

1. Condenser

2. Tail light bulb

3. Shorts in wiring harness, especially under rear fender where you might not think to look. Bare wires from rubbing on tire, or where wires go in and out of fender.

4. Ceramic resistor in brake light circuit, but only comes into play if bike stalls when you hit the brakes.

5. Corrosion on connectors at motor, switches, light fixtures.

6. Spark plug coil, cap, plug

7. Motor properly grounded to frame.

8. Ground wires connected to spark plug coil.

9. Coils, solder joints underneath flywheel

10 Contacts INSIDE kill switch.

Re: No spark checklist

I'm just saying you can do that to diagnose your no start issue.

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