Hobbit rear pulley nut

It's been a minute

I can't remember is it reverse threaded?I don't want to mess the threads up turning it the wrong way to take it off.

Re: Hobbit rear pulley nut

i think its regular but put a rag or clamp it because its spring loaded and take out your two front teeth. Its in the wiki

Re: Hobbit rear pulley nut

I mean the one in the front .Not the 27mm one.

Re: Hobbit rear pulley nut

You can't see any of the threads on the shaft or the nut ?

That should give you a clue .

And , if it's the nut I'm thinking , the variety of places it's used , it would most likely be standard thread .

Re: Hobbit rear pulley nut

Ok thanks ,sorry for the dumb question.I didn't look in wiki ,I did search ,but found nothing saying if it's reverse threaded or not.I think the derbi nut is reverse that's why I asked.I guess I should source a shop manual.

Re: Hobbit rear pulley nut

Not a dumb question . ;)

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