Mechanic in Richmond,Va?

Chip Barringer /

Looking for help getting my mopeds on the road around Richmond VA. All italian 50-70cc. Will take shop recommendations or your buddies uncle!

Recently obtained

‘80 Puch Maxi - has upgrades and so close to running

‘80ish Minarelli model tbd?? - has good compression

‘80ish Minarelli Motron - 70cc


Re: Mechanic in Richmond,Va?

Hey, I’m out in Powhatan. Aren’t those the peds that were on FB this week for $950?

If they were stock bikes, I’d gladly help you out, but I don’t mess around with kitted bikes. It just takes too much time and effort to dial them in. However, there are plenty of MA folks in RVA who would gladly help you out.

Good luck!

Re: Mechanic in Richmond,Va?

Oh yeah, that unknown Minarelli ped is definitely a V1 powered General. It’s got a General front end and controls, and the tank is from a step-thru General. No doubts. (edited)

Re: Mechanic in Richmond,Va?

Chip Barringer /

Yup! Got em a bit cheaper cuz they weren’t in as good of shape as I hoped. Every shop/mechanic I’ve tried won’t touch em and I’m strapped for time with a young kid at home.

I’ve got two stock bikes and two kitted. Honestly always had a Tomos with back kick pedals and these have the clutch and front kick so still learning.


Re: Mechanic in Richmond,Va?

Chip Barringer /

Great to know thanks! Hard to find a lot of pics that I can tell whats what online since the V1 apparently fit a lot of bikes. Also the two Minarellis have been painted - most likely a couple times so I couldn’t find a VIN or sticker on the frame 🤷‍♂️

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