Boyensen reeds


Did I do this correctly?

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Maybe you didn't

All the hardware goes on one side of a Honda pay 50 Reed block which have threads tapped into it. The little square deal that came with the reeds substitutes for the two curving thingies as I recall. I don't have a taken apart Hobbit engine with a flat Reed block to show you. The reeds open into the case on upstroke of piston and get pushed closed on downstroke. But it might work if the intake completely fits around the bar that's now mounting to it.

So let me correct myself...if the Reed block is tapped then toss the OEM stuff and use the little metal rectangle to hold both of the two stage reeds tight. If not threaded then your way if intake clears. The way you have it make sure the secondaries aren't impeded by the oem curved thingies.

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When in doubt , always consult the parts fiche for proper order of parts .

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^ Word.

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Thanks for the parts fich and it does show that the reed block is not tapped for screws so when you see what's on the parts fich I can tell you that it looks like what you did is perfect enjoy!

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lock tite is a good move

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Thank you very much!

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