Question about headlight wiring (Jawa 210)

I've pretty much got my Jawa 210 running 100% now, I've just had a small problem with the headlight bulbs burning out after a few minutes of riding. After looking at the jawa wiring diagram, I had a question I was hoping someone could help with.

Right now in the headlight assembly, I have three wires, black-which is a ground wire connected to the headlight body and has a female connector attached, yellow- the main power line for the front and rear lamps, green- the wire coming from the switch.

I had it hooked up so that the yellow was on one terminal of the bulb, and green was on the other, but the ground connector was hanging around unused since the bulb only had 2 male terminals. I'm thinking that the headlights were blowing because I didn't have the ground attached. If thats the case, how should I wire the green and yellow connectors? Should they both be attahed to the posistive terminal of the lamp, and then have the ground attached to the other lamp terminal?

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