Large spring clip on starter plate

So now I have put in a new crank, seals and bearings but when putting the clutch back together after I torqued the clutch in at 20 lbs. and put on the starter plate it doesn't go on far enough to get the big spring clip into the grove. It is just a Millimeter from snapping into the grove but the plate won't go in far enough for the ring to seat. SO NOW WHAT.

Re: Large spring clip on starter plate

There are shim washers for both sides of the clutch bell on the crankshaft. Places the bell in the correct position.

That would be my first guess.

Re: Large spring clip on starter plate

Yeah new crank= re shim clutch

Re: Large spring clip on starter plate

A big O.K. I made a new thinner shim from a washer that I drilled out and filed down and it works great. I don't know what I would do without this forum. It can make an expert out of anyone who has a little mechanical ability. I only wish that treats would put that information out when a person buys a new crank. There is nothing like experience.

Thanks Fellows.

I will check back in when I get it all back together and running.

Re: Large spring clip on starter plate

I hope someone else can chime in here. I’m just saying this out of an abundance of caution.

The shims washers maybe an engineered alloy. You know, designed to not wear away against the metal of the clutch bell.

It’s awesome that you were able to make one, but it might not be a long term solution.

Again, I don’t know that for sure. Just a concern based on handling the shims (they look/feel like hard steel).

Re: Large spring clip on starter plate

You are right they do seem to be hard steel and I am concerned about that but I will try using the mild steel washer for a while but I am ordering a new one from Treats.

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