Timing a CDI

Jackson James /

Hi - I got one of the Tomos OEM CDI kits from treats and I'm installing it on the Batavus Starflite that had a bunch of spark issues- I've wired it up and im getting a nice spark, but it isn't running just yet-- I never checked the timing, and since this was made for Tomos bikes I figured that's probably why it isn't able to start (i think that's sound logic?)

Anyways, I've read through the wiki page about timing for CDI-- I've got my hands on a timing light and i think i understand what I'm doing, but I wanted to clarify one thing that seemed unclear: Rotating and then tightening down the flywheel with the nut is how you actually adjust the timing, correct? Is there a need to rotate the stator plate at all, like you would with a point ignition system?


Re: Timing a CDI

Justin Petraitis /

I'm assuming you're not using a woodruff key with this setup, then yes, that would be correct.

Re: Timing a CDI

Jackson James /

Got it going! Thank you

Re: Timing a CDI

What did you do to get it going?

Re: Timing a CDI

> Jackson James Wrote:

> -------------------------------------------------------

> Got it going! Thank you

Great . Now tell us just how you did that .

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