Motobecane won’t rev up

I have a motobecane with the gurtner AR2 style carb and I cannot get it to rev up. It will idle and start just fine but when I go to wide open throttle it seems like it just won’t get on the pipe and go. The carb has been cleaned 5 times and I’m running out of ideas.

Re: Motobecane won’t rev up

while running try spraying some premix w the throttle wide open, does it rev up?

Re: Motobecane won’t rev up

Could be the variator? I had one like that. Would sit and idle fine but when you went to go it would not rev out.

Re: Motobecane won’t rev up

Christian Kyrmse /

Have you tried looking through the hole where the air filter goes to see if the slide is opening all the way?

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