Tomos Ignition

Hi all, I am fixing up a 93 Tomos Targa LX for my buddy. It had a new 70 cc kit on it but the previous owner never got it running. I cleaned out the carb, up jetted and fixed some odds and ins and it was good as new. I was riding it to break in the new cylinder and after about 4 miles I came down to idle at a stop light and the moped died. I couldn't get it to start. I walked it home and determined that I wasn't getting a spark. I installed a new spark plug. No dice. I took off the flywheel cover and saw that the ignition point was missing a contact on the one side. So obviously I need a new point and might as well get a condenser. I also noticed that the flywheel (IDM 6411) is scored on the keyway fore and aft. See photos.

So that is my situation. My questions are:

Is the scoring on the flywheel normal or did the pin on the crank shaft score this somehow?

Is there anyway to test my ignition coil to confirm it is also working? With a 12v power supply or something? Coil is

Does anyone know which point and condenser I need? I am having trouble distinguishing them. Seems like it might be and

I assume they are all somewhat interchangeable?


Re: Tomos Ignition

those irregular bumps need to be filed down, look up "lapping" your taper, tricky part would be to remove that pin, kinda hard to pop out since theres not much to grab onto but it just presses in.

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