Retaping thread for carburetor jet

I took the carb apart on my Honda PC50 to clean. After unscrewing the jet, it will not go back in - the threads in the hole are screwed up. Has anybody had any luck in retapping threads that small? or am I screwed?


Re: Retapping thread for carburetor jet

That shouldn't be all that difficult. You'll have to find the size of the thread and then purchase a tap for it. A comprehensive hobby shop (the sort that sells model airplane engines, not the kind that sells artificial flowers) may be able to help you find the thread size. Or an old-time hardware store, though that's a stretch for very fine threads. Find a tap at eBay.

Now if the, uh, male thread is bunged up you may be able to improve it by chasing it with a small, fine 3-corner file. Harbor Freight Tools has their 'Swiss files' and that's the sort of thing you need.

Any idea what might have happened to the threads? Corrosion can be reversed or removed, sometimes. What are the materials?

Mark Kinsler

Re: Retaping thread for carburetor jet

You might be able to get a pick in there to straighten out the threads enough .

It's aluminum and forms fairly easy . You probably just cross threaded the end threads .

Re: Retaping thread for carburetor jet

I’ve got a great collection of small (Tiny)taps. Unfortunately I have no large ones which has me in a pickle at the moment.

If you know the thread I can loan you one via mail if I have that particular one.

Re: Retaping thread for carburetor jet

Thank you everybody! This gives me confidence that I can fix it!!

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