Runtong Sha Jetting

I have a 15mm runtong, 15mm intake, people pipe on a stock minarelli v1. I am jetting at 68 and my plug chops looks good. Is this crazy high number for my setup? I have no air leaks in the usual spots. The spreadsheets are kind of all over for this kind of setup I have. I am thinking either I have a leak somewhere that I haven't checked (engine seals/engine casing). Or maybe this clone carb just needs to be jetting rich for some reason. If you have a similar setup let me know what your jetted at.

Re: Runtong Sha Jetting

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Are you running the filter and box on that thing? If the plug chops look good and it runs/idles well, that's all that really matters . There's no point in comparing to others' specs for anything other than ballpark ranges. there are just too many variables. There's also no guarantee that the bikes in the spreadsheet run well let alone optimally.

Re: Runtong Sha Jetting

run rong

there may be other restrictions in there or whatever, but what you need to care about is if it runs well. check for airleaks, and try up and down a jet, and if it's good where it's at, ride it!

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