1980 Batavus Starflite - starts and runs away

Hey everyone,

I have a clean and complete 1980 Batavus Starflite with approximately 2,500 miles on the working odometer. It had sat for around 30 years.

The engine ran and idled well for approximately 3 weeks. Currently it starts well, then runs away as if being throttled to WOT.

I looked for air leaks on the cylinder, intake, and exhaust mount. I have not found one so far.

Attempted a reed valve swap to the MLM alum CNC'd carbon from Treats. It would be tough to start, then die under any throttle (without load). I swapped back to the stock reed valve, and the original run away WOT occurred.

Could this be a crankcase seal? Or should the focus return to the intake?

Thank you very much!

Re: 1980 Batavus Starflite - starts and runs away

It sure sounds like an air leak .

If you haven't found any up top , then it's time to look elsewhere .

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