Jawa 210 clutch is hard to engage

I have a Jawa 210 that I have been fixing up. I finally got a replacement Thyristor in this weekend and got in stalled, verified that the plug was sparking. It wouldn't start up so I took the carb apart and saw it had a good amount of white cheese like deposits built up, so I ran it through the ultrasonic and just reinstalled it. Also while tinkering with it, I ended up spraying some penetrating lube on the backside of the clutch to try and get it to catch sooner, but it seems to have had the opposite effect. Now I have to pedal like a madman to get the alternator to start spinning. Does anyone know what I would need to do/adjust to get it so the autoclutch starts to kick in with a minimal amount of pedaling?

So far I've been using a drill gun in reverse on the clutch flywheel to try and start it up. The engine will start rumbling , the lights will turn on, but it doesn't ever seem to really turn over and start idling on its own. When I inspected the sparkplug for a spark, I was getting one, but it wasn't the brightest spark I've ever seen. I may take off the cylinder head to make sure everything inside is clean as the next step.

Any suggestions/tips would be greatly appreciated!

Re: Jawa 210 clutch is hard to engage

Just a quick update. I was able to get the Jawa to turn over and Idle! I still had to use my drill gun to spin up the starter clutch, but after doing more reading it seems like I'll need to remove the starter clutch and clean everything out and make sure the shoes are still good.

Re: Jawa 210 clutch is hard to engage

One last update. I managed to completely take the clutch off and ran it through the ultrasonic. One of the second gear clutch pieces was rusted over pretty well and not engaging, so I was able to get that fixed. It looks like the shoes on the starter clutch are completely worn off, so I'll probably need to get replacements. Other than that I just need to work out a few wiring issues. There seems to be several extra wires/leads that don't really go anywhere, and the headlight bulb burned out after riding it for about 5 minutes. Otherwise its back in buisiness!

Re: Jawa 210 clutch is hard to engage

Vlado vlado /

get 12 V bulb for headlight instead 6V

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