85 Puch e 50 Stuffed or unstuffed?

New at this and Just restored a 1985 e 50 single speed maxi would it use use a stuffed or unstuffed crank and Which crank should I order to rebuild as stock?

Re: 85 Puch e 50 Stuffed or unstuffed?

Unstuffed for stock. Stuffed reduces crankcase volume and is good for tuning.

But you probably wouldn't notice anything wrong if you went with a stuffy.

Re: 85 Puch e 50 Stuffed or unstuffed?

Thanks I notice that stuffed is much easier to find on line it seems all the unstuffed are out of stock everywhere. BUT does the stuffed put more stress on the aluminum crankcase that already has stress cracks showing up or are those stress cracks normal? I noticed a completely rebuilt E 50 engine on sale on ebay for $349.00 that is full of stress cracks worse than mine.

Re: 85 Puch e 50 Stuffed or unstuffed?

I think you're mistaking casting flaws for "stress cracks." The crank cases aren't really under any stress; the bearings are handling the friction and the seals and gaskets will fail before crank case compression is ever an issue for the cases.

Re: 85 Puch e 50 Stuffed or unstuffed?

Thank you for putting my worries to rest about those lines i see in the case. You have been a big help. This is my first Moped after 60 years of riding big bikes at age 81, I am slowing down to a Puch 50 CC and enjoying it.

Re: 85 Puch e 50 Stuffed or unstuffed?


Just starting mopeds at 81.

You’re spirit for adventure must be unique.

If you write a book about your life, I will gladly read it.

If you tell a story, I’d be honored to sit and listen.

I respect your style.

Re: 85 Puch e 50 Stuffed or unstuffed?

81 ? Crap , I just hope I'm still alive by then .

Good going . :)

Re: 85 Puch e 50 Stuffed or unstuffed?

Overpriced Parts /

> P D Wrote:

> -------------------------------------------------------

> 81 ? Crap , I just hope I'm still alive by then .


> Good going . :)

Ya the “best generation” 80 year olds live longer because earth/environment/water Wasn’t polluted from Thousand of ships (Many of them oil tankers) and planes sunk nuclear bombs, industrial factory boom when they were most vulnerable as a kid.

I was born beginning of the 60s decade when iodine tablets being distributed because fallout was everywhere from Nuclear tests, beginning of summer of love cancel culture was born with it loss of clean living, hi divorce rates more kids born without both parents etc.

Lived through the three generations of artificial sweeteners that all caused cancer, Factory spewing pollution unregulated, High amounts of tetraethyl lead Paint and gas cars and plastics, Teflon, Spray cans, food additives and things to make you obese, everything bad was invented during or after after World War II,

And nowadays still no clean living, more broken up families or children don’t have both parents ect are behind the eight ball.

Many teens/young folk get no exercise compared to years ago when one would play football in the street, play tag/kick the can, Gym was mandatory in every grade and all outdoor activities, now all they do is look at their phones so I think average lifespan will go to go lower and lower :(

Re: 85 Puch e 50 Stuffed or unstuffed?

I thank God for my good genes.

I have always loved to live and I kept a very positive attitude.

I find that to stay happy and young it is imperative to always have something to look forward to, so I keep busy with work and play and have a wonderful wife that encourages me in all that i do. I have no fear of death because I know in who I believe and that he is able to keep me until that day.

Thank you all for your kind words.

Re: 85 Puch e 50 Stuffed or unstuffed?

And he is tech savvy enough to navigate a forum on line. Kudos bill, have fun with your new ride!

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