Tomos " The final plea for Help"

It's a 2006 Tomos Arrow R

I have no key its just the pig tail without the plastic so it's just wires hanging, and I touched the black wire (ignition wire) to the hot wire (red wire) with the battery hooked up and I remember it arched, the fuse blew and I distinctly heard the magneto shifted (best word to describe it) but I heard it move underneath the cover. So I'm wondering what did I ruin first? Was it the coil/cdi or the regulator/rectifier or the trigger pulsar? Or did I just fuck the actual ignition coil and need to replace the whole thing? I ask because everything works with a new fuse except I'm not getting any spark not even with a new plug? If I gotta replace the whole deal I'm just gonna sell the bike as is for really cheap. Because I don't deserve to own the thing if I ruined it messing with wires? So any help would be so awesome! Thanks to everybody who takes the time and makes the world a better place for people like me, who screw shit up on an everyday basis. You moped guys and gals are way cool people much love to everybody who helps others thanks again.

Re: Tomos " The final plea for Help"

Find a schematic diagram for the bike and figure it out with an ohmmeter, which you must use when the battery is disconnected. Find the electrical resistance in ohms of every coil in the bike. I rather doubt that you'd have damaged the electronic ignition module, but I suspect that others here will be able to help you test it. Just test one part of the ignition--including less obvious stuff like switches and wire connectors--and eventually you will discover the problem. You'll also learn the fine art of electrical testing.

For quick and perhaps more definitive tests of switches and connectors make yourself a continuity tester consisting of a battery (your bike battery will do) and a bulb, and a pair of wires connected so that the bulb lights when the wires are in contact with each other. This will test switches, wires, wire connectors, and to an extent the sturdier coils in the bike.

Mark Kinsler

Re: Tomos " The final plea for Help"

Thanks again for your help, your response is much appreciated thanks again. I will check it out.

Re: Tomos " The final plea for Help"

well if you burned something it would smell, sniff test, that's if you don't have a flywheel puller to look at your coils under your flywheel.

Re: Tomos " The final plea for Help"

It might have cooked the cdi. Easy fix. Just guessin.

Re: Tomos " The final plea for Help"

The appropriate pullers are really necessary for any effective work of this sort. It's probably easiest to simply buy them from eBay or, in the US, from Harbor Freight Tools, proudly made in China by Chinese. But you can make them as well. Your magneto's insides cannot remain a mystery.

M Kinsler

Re: Tomos " The final plea for Help"

Beach Club Nick /

I don't recommend trying to hotwire a bike by grounding the battery, that just doesn't make sense. Look at a wiring diagram, figure out what wire grounds the ignition circuit and disconnect it

Re: Tomos " The final plea for Help"

Hepatitis J [OFMC] /

Is this the bike?


Re: Tomos " The final plea for Help"

Did you ever get it figured out and what was the problem?

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