Help with domino throttle

Heyo, I am fixing up an 89 Tomos Bullet with domino throttle assembly. I took it apart, someone had soldered the cable to the slide plate and I couldn't remove the that taken care of, but I cannot for the life of me figure out how to issue is primarily where the spring goes and how it sits. Can anyone help? The exploded diagrams I'm seeing aren't helping me much.....

Many thanks in advance.

Re: Help with domino throttle

Can you post a pic of the spring and throttle.

I googled and saw a diagram with a small coil spring and a clock spring.

Not sure I can help, but love a puzzle.

Re: Help with domino throttle

The spring I'm referring to is #11 in this diagram. I just don't see on the pieces where the spring is supposed to hook into, I guess.....Anyone have this throttle control and can give me some guidance?


Re: Help with domino throttle

The shape looks like it goes around the throttle grip as an assist to returning back to closed position.

If there isn’t a cast in stud or hole to hook it in, then maybe the fastener that retains the grip is what also retains/tensions the spring.

I’m just guessing. Sorry if that isn’t right or helpful. At least serves as a bump.

Re: Help with domino throttle

Post a pic of what you have and where it might go .

Re: Help with domino throttle

It slides over the throttle tube. And sits into the slots that are on it. As long as the tube is put onto the rest of the assembly correctly then the spring will function as intended. But as mentioned it is only a return spring so your throttle turns itself off. A safety feature for sure.

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