electrolysis power source

anyone ever done electrolysis on a gas tank with something other than a car battery charger? trying to clean some tanks on the cheap, wondering if i can rig a 12v dc wall wart or something similar to the tank?

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Probably, but it would be pretty low amperage. Plust you can get a battery charger on Amazon for under $20....

but filling with loose screws and shaking off the scale, emptying and filling with vinegar or evaporust for a few days works much better.

Re: electrolysis power source

Holy shit,

I just rambled on another thread about trying this.

Surely you have dozens of power supplies laying around that charge long lost electronic devices?

Many are 12V and low amps.

I sacrificed one to the experiment. And a steel rod.

It bubbles some nasty stuff all over the place. I did it over decking outside. 🤦🏻

It made a huge mess and I still ended up throwing handfuls of garage aggregate and shaking it around.

I think it would be good for very light rust. But not the best for crusty chunky tanks.

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tried vinegar but both of the tanks in question are tanks from hell, super chunky stinky insides. was hoping electrolysis would be the answer, still seems like a mess either way. guess il try vinegar again

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Vinegar I suppose works. But you need junk in there. Like nuts and bolts. Small rocks. Churches.

Shake it around. Only abrasive and chemical will get rid of some of that stuff.

Re: electrolysis power source

I use sections of chain. Not bike chain but like dollar store dog collar chain. Easy to get out after some sloshing it around.

Re: electrolysis power source

♣Slew Foot♣ /

I thought a 6v or lower for days like a trickle charger ...

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Dirty30 Dillon /

DC power is DC power, in this instance, but a lot of wallworts don't have any circuit monitoring and shorting it out in water might just kill it.

Re: electrolysis power source

ok dog chain and vinegar worked pretty well... now i have a tiny pinhole leak in my hobbit tank.

best way to deal with pinhole leaks?

Re: electrolysis power source

Re: electrolysis power source

Vinger and salt for three days! Then use a power washer, Cleanest tank ever!

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