Av7 variator problem

So I got the engine apart and the variator is missing the clutch as well as the nut, but I’m unsure if there’s more missing. What excactly catches to cause the flywheel to spin is it just the clutch you can buy from treats for 20$ or should I fill send and get a brand new variator. The current one I will attach an image, thanks!


Re: Av7 variator problem

is that single speed or variated? those two arms u see r the starter clutches, the main clutch are leaves on the outside that grab the clutch bell.

Re: Av7 variator problem

i believe it is variated, how would I tell if it is not a variator?

It runs off a belt, the engine is on a spring, theres 3 ball bearings on the back

Re: Av7 variator problem

if it has balls and it moves laterally then its variated. Spend some time reading about mobys.

Re: Av7 variator problem

Yes it is variated, It is missing the clutch, but it also spins freely on the shaft without it so i think there must be some circlip or something missing that I can’t find on the diagrams, thank you.

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