Seafoam or diesel in the crank case?

To clean out the cases, on a two stroke can you replace most of the oil with diesel or seafoam and flush the cases out? Pour it in, let it idle about 15-20min and flush it? Or is that just asking for trouble with these things?

Re: Seafoam or diesel in the crank case?

Do what ever it takes. I like seafoam or take it apart and use brake cleaner doesn't really matter carbon and oil are just going to get gunked up in their anyway. Use a high quality oil if u want less build up.

Re: Seafoam or diesel in the crank case?

Running that stuff thru tour engine sounds bad to me. Since neither thing is what was designed to run thru it. If you do not want to take your engine apart to clean it properly then I advise at least removing your engine from the bike. Remove the top end and the piston so it is out of the way. Now you have just the crank sticking out like a metal tongue out of a big gaping hole. Get in there with brake parts cleaner and a thin bottle brush. Test that the brush will fit under your crank lobes, you might want a couple sizes. Flush it out real nice with the brake cleaner. Put it all together. Blast into the sunset.

Re: Seafoam or diesel in the crank case?

You seems to think the transmission and crankcase are one .

They are separate .

You're working on a 2 stroke motor , not a 4 stroke . Big difference .

A 2 stroke crank is lubed via oil injection or premix fuel , not the oil in the trans mission .

Considering your chocolate milk transmission oil , I'd just run what ever oil is suppose to be in there and change it after about a half hour of ride time .

Then repeat after an hour of ride time .

The transmission should be cleaned out by than .

Your crank should be pretty clean as is . If you feel or hear anything other than smooth rolling bearings , it's time to change bearings and seals .

You may have to change the seals anyway .

You'll see the cleanliness when you pull the cylinder .

Re: Seafoam or diesel in the crank case?

You sir are correct, that is exactly what I was thinking! Glad to hear I was wrong, kind of, though I will say now the source of this water does confuse me some more, but I will figure it out and change some more seals and gaskets.


Re: Seafoam or diesel in the crank case?

Pushrod Fifty /

Spray cleaners in your case could ruin your seals. Your case vent could be clogged, trapping moisture in the case that develops while heating up. Or, water is entering through the vent somehow, that could be missing a downtube or the vent is getting tire spray from rain inside of it.

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