1982 Express oil injection

im new to mopeds and the site, so apologies in advance if this question isn't in the right place, but I did search and wasnt able to find exactly what I was looking for.

I recently bought a 1982 Express as my first moped for $100 off craigslist and I've been restoring it, and have a question about the oil injection on these bikes. I am going to replace the carb and the stock carb has the oil injection inlet on it. Can I run this carb from treats (https://www.treatland.tv/ProductDetails.asp?ProductCode=sha%2Doil%2Dinject%2D726185%2Dor%2D2013&CartID=10) and just hook up the oil injection as is? Some of the older expresses had the bung for the oil injection on the intake, but it looks like most of the nc50 intakes on treats no longer come with a bung so I would have to add one if I wanted to go that route. Seems like it would be easier to just get a carb with an oil injection port like the original, but I wanted to make sure I wasnt missing something before going this route.

Re: 1982 Express oil injection

Why replace the OEM Honda carb ?

Just clean it and run it .

Re: 1982 Express oil injection

Rebuild kit doesnt seem to be available anywhere and the bike sat outside for years. the gaskets crumbled when I took it apart. It also has the annoying press fit jets. its not worth the headache.

Re: 1982 Express oil injection

So , you think a 'new' aftermarket carb will be less of a headache ?

All parts , including gaskets , for that OEM carb are available at your local Honda dealer or any on line parts house .


Re: 1982 Express oil injection

thats not the question im asking but thanks dude, very helpful. What about tuning using shitty press in jets, whats your solution for that? there are plenty of reasons im not using the oem carb.

Re: 1982 Express oil injection

Those shitty pressed in jets are in use everyday in a lot more applications than just your little Express .

With any kind of care they are 'reused' regularly , with excellent results .

But , you're gonna do what ever you're gonna do .

I'm simply forwarding what I know to be true .

Re: 1982 Express oil injection

I just finished doing an aftermarket carb swap on my 82 express. I'm running a dellorto sha 15.15 with a 58 main jet and oil injection inlet which has been working great after replacing factory line, auto choke bypassed, stock throttle cable, and a malossi adapter plate. You could go with the lil shorty intake($40) and dellorto($67 oil injection version) for a plug an play experience or file down a malossi intake for tomos bikes($17). All parts were from treats, make sure to pick up a jet kit and maybe another throttle cable just in case.

*Dellorto sha 15.15 oil injection:https://www.treatland.tv/dellorto-*SHA-15-15-carburetor-with-oil-injection-p/sha-oil-inject-726185-or-2013.htm

*Malossi intake adapter:https://www.treatland.tv/motobecane-15mm-SHA-dellorto-intake-p/av7-sha-intake-022066b.htm

*Lil shorty intake adapter:https://www.treatland.tv/MLM-honda-express-15mm-SHA-intake-lil-SHORTY-p/motion-left-intake-324.htm

*1mm shim so carb fits on adapter:https://www.treatland.tv/dellorto-PHBG-1mm-carburetor-shim-p/dellorto-phbg-shim-1140700-62.htm

Re: 1982 Express oil injection

Also to answer your question, yes that is the exact carb I have on my bike but it will isn't just a bolt on plug and play deal. I've attached images of new and old carb side by side


Re: 1982 Express oil injection

Stay stock if you are not trying to hot rod bike, old school is far better than clone stuff. Honda oem is better than 90% of clone junk. 2 Stroke engines are not a computer or a phone, plug and play is not a thing, the numbers were run long ago, use what was intended, again unless you are trying for go-fast.

Re: 1982 Express oil injection

awesome dude thanks, I already installed the carb and grabbed the MLM intake, but I forgot that the throttle cable controls both the carb and the oil pump, so I had to track down a cable that hopefully will work like the stock one since my original is toast. im a lot more hopeful now that I know somebody was able to get it working

Re: 1982 Express oil injection

thanks for the reply that has nothing to do with my question

Re: 1982 Express oil injection

Just lmk if you have some more questions. I'm still running stock throttle cable with mine

Re: 1982 Express oil injection

hey I actually do have a question! what did you do to fit the elbow on the original throttle cable to the dellorto? I have a new throttle cable but it doesnt have one on the slide end, so I'm trying to re-use the old one.


Re: 1982 Express oil injection

I actually kept the elbow and the top screw on part to the factory carb still on the cable then positioned it in the slide so there was still enough tension in the cable to pull open the slide

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