PA50 Jet Sizes

Hi from reading the wiki stock Keihn carbs use jet size 60 for Pa50 and 78 for pa50ii

My stock Keihn carb has a 75 in it and it is the larger Venturi size of ~12mm not the smaller 10mm variant in the front pa50.

Not sure if I’ve damaged the size or the main jet from cleaning so wanted to be some sizes up and below what I’ve got now to see if there are any performance gains.

Currently bike is running rich / lots of blue smoke and bogging down past quarter to full throttle. Might be 4 stroking??

Idles fine but doesn’t like WOT.

Was I too vigorous with my cleaning or the jet and damaged it? Enlarged hole? I did put a bit of wire / inter dental brush cleaner down there to ensure there went any muck.

If I forced something down there would it possibly alter size?

Re: PA50 Jet Sizes

i'd doubt you widened the jet. you can do that intentionally with like welding tip cleaners, which are often handy jet cleaners too, but not with smooth wire.

Honestly, i'd suspect it's just the filter. try taking that out and see what happens, maybe just need to clean it.

Re: PA50 Jet Sizes

Hi thanks for the advice.

Think I’ve had a bit of progress with rechecking the point gap / timing.

Ensured its opening at F marking on magneto casing and then at TDC (T marking on flywheel casing).

I’ve got mine set at 0.4mm using metal feeler gauges.

Seems to have a bit more power now and WOT isn’t bogging down like it did before.

Can timing marks be relied upon or should I make my own ones?

Not sure if my Camino can have timing advanced or retarded? Don’t think I have the correct variant. I’ve seen videos of people tweaking the magneto coils behind the magneto flywheel forward or backward very slightly to change ignition timing.

Appreciate all the help.


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