Hi All, recently picked up my first moped... a 1978 Puch for $10! Needed to finish the build, in great condition and this site has helped get me wayyy farther than anticipated.

But I’m stuck on the cables for the clutch and throttle. Is there a tutorial video that someone knows about or something similar to help? Will I be able to tread it through Trying to figure out if the cables that came in the box of parts are going to work or not.



Re: Cables

The manual will show you how install them. look in the Wiki for the download.

Re: Cables

Nice bike for scrap price . ;)

Re: Cables

How was this only $10!? Great score!

Cables are pretty straight forward. The manual should help in the wiki.

Re: Cables

Why can't I ever find stuff like this anymore.

Re: Cables

Chris Depew /

Thanks! Was pretty lucky, a family was moving and decided they didn’t want to bring the frame and all its parts with. Happened to be driving by when I saw it on the driveway

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