Stator coil

I have continuity on my stator coil so does that mean it should produce spark? My other engine runs fine on my bike and the engine I just rebuilt ran fo 20 minutes and stopped because it lost spark. I’m pretty sure it’s a stator issue and not the bikes electrical system. It’s a early 60,s Honda C100 I bought it off EBay. Thanks

Re: Stator coil

Re: Stator coil

Pushrod Fifty /

You have to check the resistance value and see if its in spec. The coil should last forever as long as it didnt get damaged someone trying pull the flywheel and hitting the coil. Chances are you have a bad connection, condenser, plug cap or ign switch.

Re: Stator coil

Can the resistance check be done on the bench? The light coil is working fine and your most likely correct about the bad connection. I replaced the points and condenser and also the spark plug cap. I’m not good at wiring is there a wiring diagram for this stator? This was an EBay motor and it doesn’t look like the stator was touched.


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