E50 clutch always engaged.

I am going to get back in it and see if I can figure it out, but thought I'd throw it out if anyone had some ideas.

Just rebuilt the engine. It is a new crank and bearings/seals. Everything went back into the case very nicely so I am confident that all the bits are in their proper position.

The bike starting clutch is always engaged and I'm not exactly sure why.

Re: E50 clutch always engaged.

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Starter clutch not set right, bell clutch components shimmed wrong, crank too far over in case, could be a lot of stuff something wrong

Re: E50 clutch always engaged.

Thanks for the laundry list! I'm going to start checking things off in the morning.

I reused all the shims and such from the original crank so I'm hoping it is correct.

At least the bike started and ran for a minute. That is a lot further than I had been on this one.

Re: E50 clutch always engaged.

New crank is gonna change your shims unfortunately. Gotta shim it per the manual which is way easier before you build the motor back up. Doable tho, just harder.

Re: E50 clutch always engaged.

Aww poop. Guess I'm sanding shims today.

Re: E50 clutch always engaged.

Great news. I did not need to sand any shims. The culprit was the hole they drilled in the end of the crank where the starter plate has a little pin that slides in, was too small. The pin fit in, but was not loose enough to allow the crank to spin freely from it.

I filed it out a bit and ran over the pin on the starter plate with a little sand paper. It slides in smoother now and the engine is now free from the starting plate!

Gotta love when it is something reasonably easy.

Now I just need to get this vm18 tuned.

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