1978 nc50 Honda express carb trouble

Any final advice on how to get this thing fired up before I buy a new carb ?

I blasted it with carb cleaner, compressed air. Ultra sonic cleaned it 3 times. New gasket kit from treatland. Set the fuel adjustment screw so that the needle is all the way down.

New spark plug

I have spark

Points set correctly

New fuel line / filter

New gas

New oil

This bike will NOT run ! It was fine I got pulled over by the cops and after I sat there for a while talking to them with it running it died about 3 miles later. I took the carb apart and it was full of red rtv sealant. I cleaned it with carb cleaner really quick. Put it back together. It fired right up. I drove it for about ten mins and it died again. Ever since then it would take forever to start and would barley idle. You could rev it up but then it would die if you let it go back down. This was last year.

So I just did all of the above hoping doing it right would do the trick and it’s just not starting I tried for a half hour choking it. I tried taking off the air filter and putting my hand over the hole. It wouldn’t even putt for a second. Super frustrating. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

Re: 1978 nc50 Honda express carb trouble

Jack Rutherford /

take the chamber cap off, remove the slide, hold it up to the light and see if you see light thru both jets.

Re: 1978 nc50 Honda express carb trouble

Yep I can see threw the little holes

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