1984 Tomos A3 Bullet Questions

Hello Moped Army,

I recently purchased a great looking 84 Bullet from a fellow moped army user. I am in the process of planning out my repair.

The previous oil injection pump/system was removed and I have read bad things about them so I would rather just mix fuel myself and avoid that system. Is there anything already made to cover up the hole where the pump previously was attached? I was consider taking some measurements and 3D printing something but if there is something cheap already made to cover it I would consider that as well.

Also does anyone know if there are online diagrams for seat covers? The current seat is a little jacked up and I have access to a more industrial sewing machine that can handle thick material so I was contemplating making a new one.

Re: 1984 Tomos A3 Bullet Questions

Dan (high idle) Conway /

3d print some injector covers im sure some other people will want em too. Not sure about seat diagrams though, im sure you can just pull the seat cover off and take some measurements

Re: 1984 Tomos A3 Bullet Questions

♣Slew Foot♣ /

Standard screw I think it's an m4.

Re: 1984 Tomos A3 Bullet Questions

a quarter is about the right size.

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