puch maxi starter/clutch cable

hi i have 78 maxi project with magura aluminum controls. the plastic starter/clutch lever was wrapped in electrical tape, i took it off and saw the rusted, frayed end of the cable sticking out of a small hole on the lever (may have been drilled?). i have attached a photo after i removed the old cable and want to confirm the correct way to attach the new cable - it looks like you put the cable (with no stop or knarp) into the lever and use the screw to hold it down? not clear why someone had the cable sticking out the hole but i'm guessing it may be because the screw didn't hold it tight enough. thanks for any help.


Re: puch maxi starter/clutch cable

You're correct. Cable goes through the housing, through the hole, and the screw holds it in place. Sometimes people don't cut the cable end very well and don't tuck the end into the lever in that little groove so they get a frayed cable that cuts their hand whenever they start it, hence the tape probably.

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