Small leak to transmission oil

Hello all again! I just noticed on my 1980 Puch Maxi, that there is an ever so small leak to transmission fluid. So small that it takes a couple days for it to gather enough steam to create a drop on the floor when the bike is not ridden. I am barely riding it until I get it registered officially. Dumb question: will it be blowing through more fluid when I start riding more regularly? Can I just keep adding tran oil? I really do not feel like messing with seals and taking things apart. How often should I worry about getting low on the tran oil at this rate of leakage? BTW The leak is on the bottom of the engine.

Thanks! Mike

Re: Small leak to transmission oil

Michael Branscombe /

can't say on that thing, but I've had gear oil on machines that slow leaked and I ran for a few years before finally getting around to checking seals. it is precarious though, since you know fluid is being lost. if it were me, I'd spot test it after riding for 10 minutes to see how much it takes to top off, and park over a piece of paper towel or news paper to watch if it gets worse. but that's just me ..

Re: Small leak to transmission oil


I think you should buy a roll of gasket paper, and a couple seal gaskets for the drain plug and fill plug. Use the old gasket as a template (so don’t rip it apart when removing).

It takes minutes to fix that leak and then you don’t have to be worried about it.

While you have the cover off, you can clean the gunk out of the case that builds up over time and inspect the wear on your clutch.

It is an afternoon, 2-beer job.

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