Beginner headlight question here.

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I have a 77 Puch and the headlight is pretty dim, to a level where I can barley see 5 feet ahead at night. Currently there’s a 6 volt 21 watt bulb that I recently installed but I wanted to know how I could convert my setup into a 12v system. Do I absolutely need one of the treats 12v coils to run it? Also, if anyone has converted to LED, I’m interested to hear how that was done.

Re: Beginner headlight question here.

Search “puch led” In the search window, and dive down the rabbit hole.

Re: Beginner headlight question here.

Try Here

If you don't understand wiring then don't even try it have someone else do it.

Re: Beginner headlight question here.

Re: Beginner headlight question here.

Maybe there's some other way to run 12v lights, but that $14 coil has got to be the easiest. I've used them with regulators (also easily installed) and had no trouble switching to LEDs with BA15S ends that drop right into all the stock housings. I've been using them for headlight, tail light, and brake light on two bikes for two or three years with no trouble.

These are the ones I got. It's a 20-pack for $20 and it may have been the last moped bulb purchase I'll ever make.


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