1982 PA50 ignition coil

Hi guys, new to the forum and looking for a bit of help. I recently took custody of a 1982 PA50 Camino (think you guys call them Hobbits?) and struggling with getting a spark. I've cleaned the points and think I've got timing right but I guess I need to check coil? Fairly handy with a multimeter so what's the best way? Thanks in advance....

Re: 1982 PA50 ignition coil

Pretty sure that procedure is described in the shop manual :


Re: 1982 PA50 ignition coil

Cheers PD, got good spark and fuel now but still no fire? Timing has gotta be out although I’ve checked the ‘F’ mark on the flywheel and checked points gap (0.3mm). Can you rotate the stator to advance/retard ignition?

Re: 1982 PA50 ignition coil

Looking at the parts fiche , the stator has no adjustment .

Not sure what the manual says .

I suppose you might be able to get a small amount if the staotr mount holes were filed , but ???

Re: 1982 PA50 ignition coil

The timing is fixed on PA50's. The only 'adjustment' you really have is setting the point gap. If the point gap is good, your timing is good. Carbs are a bitch and a half to clean if you've never done a Hobbit carb before. Most people have to clean them 2 or 3 times their first time around before the bike runs

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