Anybody done this?

I’m wondering if it’s safe to drill a cast aluminum perch? The one I got has no threaded hole for the brake switch. If I try , do I drill out the hole ,Say 5mm and tap it at 6mm? Pic is of broken one.


Re: Anybody done this?

Dirty30 Dillon /

I'm fairly certain the large hole in the center is for the switch, and also that perch appears to have a crack through it

Re: Anybody done this?

If you get the right size tap for the threads on the switch, it should come with the appropriate drill bit. The size is matched to the requirements of the tap. Get it wrong: too small hole the tap will crack the aluminum, too big it will have shallow (weak) threads.

Buy a cheap set with a range of sizes. Aluminum is easy to cut, so quality isn’t as much of an issue.

Re: Anybody done this?

Have you cut threads before?

It’s not hard to do. It is easy to mess up.

I won’t post a bunch here if you don’t need me to though.

Re: Anybody done this?

i think the brakes switches r small m4 fine. if u f up i got this.


14 shipped

Re: Anybody done this?

Sent you a PM Pat.

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