Vespa Grande blinker upgrades?

Hey all - anyone upgraded the blinkers on your Vespa Grande?

I'd love to see pics!

Re: Vespa Grande blinker upgrades?


I think most people omit blinkers and just use hand signals to simplify wiring and for laziness.

THat said, you could use about any blinkers you want. Probably best would be a battery with a digital flasher so you can run LEDs and not have the thermal flasher unit get fritzy

Re: Vespa Grande blinker upgrades?

This is what I did with my fronts.


You can kind of see the black ones I got tucked in on top of the side box.


My biggest goal for the back lights was just to stop from sticking out. Hated bumping into them.

Re: Vespa Grande blinker upgrades?

Thanks for the pics, Ike! Very much appreciated.

I also am annoyed with how far they stick out, and am happy to see your headset - that's what I have in mind.

LOVE your lunch box covers, BTW. I've shown the pics to my Dad (who is also a woodworker) and they inspired him to make some covers for my boxes! Right now we're talking about wood vs plexi on the router.

Willd - Have you upgraded the blinkers on a Vespa Grande? I appreciate your opinion on blinkers but that's obviously not what I'm asking for here. *shrug*

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