Kickstart Locked up

I recently installed a 70cc airsal kit on my street mate it started twice then locked up any ideas?

Re: Kickstart Locked up

your kit or kick start locked/seized up? did u run it hard and it came to a screeching halt or were u standing still and turning it on / off for a couple minutes.

Re: Kickstart Locked up

oh boy. that could be alotta bad, maybe you broke a ring or forgot a circlip or had it in wrong, lots of worst cases possible, can you turn the engine over with the flywheel? If so maybe you're lucky and it's just a transmission issue, but this gonna need more details...

Re: Kickstart Locked up

Brian Tilghman /

I have gotten it unseized and but the piston and cylinder are damaged (my dad misplaced a circlip and apparently it got sucked into the cylinder... thanks for the help dad 🤦‍♂️) i removed the kit and reinstalled the stock parts everything is moving freely but now it wont turn over any ideas?

Re: Kickstart Locked up

did u search for the missing chunks of metal?

did u use new gaskets?

is the compression good?

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