Running Issues

1978 Batavus Regency HS, Laura M56 engine with an Encarwi H12 carb. I had this running beautifully. However, having made no changes, all of a sudden, it wont reach max rpms either on the kickstand or while riding (it was riding beautifully in recent past days). I have basically rebuilt the carb with all the parts I can find (new float, new choke slide o-rings, cleaned the jet, cleaned the ports, new banjo and washers etc.) The only thing I can think of is the float chamber vent being clogged. But I'm not positive. I can't seem to find a carb base gasket. I think that may be contributing as well as mine is very worn. I bought material to "cut" a new one. The only other things I haven't changed yet are the reeds and the rings. The exhaust is extremely wet and the plug appears as if its getting too much fuel/oil. I've adjusted the float a couple times and still bogging. Moreover, the throttle seems to have a "sweet spot" where it WILL allow me to get to full rpms. However, I want it operating properly of course. Starting to get a little frustrated especially since I had it running perfect for a short time. Any help is greatly appreciated. Thanks for the look.

Re: Running Issues

sounds too rich, the needle on your float affects richness, take a read if you havn't

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